What is FOREVR

FOREVR is the contact management app you always wanted and the last one you’ll ever need.

FOREVR consolidates your connections and auto-updates their information as it changes. FOREVR keeps your information up-to-date for all of your contacts, so you’ll never need to update anyone ever again.

FOREVR enables connected communication for life. It’s the gateway to your contacts, and your permanent, universal digital name.


Get Your Permanent Digital Identity

Sign up and choose your ‘forname’. A name that will be your permanent and universal digital name. This name will make you instantly reachable on any current or future communications platforms. Choose wisely - because this will be your name forever.

All of your FOREVR contacts can be reached via their forname as well, so you will never again have to worry about having outdated contact information.

Connect all the ways you communicate in a couple of taps: Facebook, Email, WhatsApp, Skype and more. Group your contacts with tags, such as family, colleagues, or friends to manage how they can reach you.

When you want to reach a contact, simply tap their FOREVR name and connect. The contact information is guaranteed to be accurate and up to date.

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